Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Journey begins...

Tomorrow, I will begin a journey that I can not tell where or when it would end, but wherever it ends, whenever it ends and whatever it ends up with, I hope it ends very well. Perhaps, someday I would look back at this day and remember when I began this journey. I would recall all the uncertainties and the deep fear I had in me when it all began, and a hopefully a smile would creep through my face as I tell this story to a different generation. I have waited for this day for a long long time, and finally here it is, and all I can feel is INDIFFERNCE. Thats amazing for something you've looked forward to for a greater part of my life, and now its about to happen, I don't have any feelings.

A new chapter would be opened in the book called "my life", when I leave the life I have known all my life for a new and different path in life. Tomorrow I would officially be joining the working class. yay. School days are suspended for now !!! After high school about a decade ago, all I could dream of was being successful and making all that MONEY $$$ in it's taken me this amount of time to get there......that point where I feel I'm ready.

These past few weeks, I've gone shopping to get all my suits, shirts, etc for work which I must confess has left me wondering so much about life. I studied engineering in college, and I never imagined being like my father who had to dress in corporate attires every day for work. I prayed so much not to have to dress like him, and consoled myself that with an engineering degree, I won't need to, but how wrong I was. I would be working in a financial services firm, and I would have to dress up each day. How I ended up there, is a story for another day. I had to learn how to knot a tie yesterday, since I never bothered to learn before now as I didn't feel it was necessary, but again, I was wrong.

I'm not excited and I'm not scared either for tomorrow, I'm just chill, whatever that means. Anyway, I'm sure it would go well and I can't wait to write about my first day at work. The journey has begun, and where it ends, I don't know. Thats life....unpredictable..but it's been good to me on this journey, and I hope it stays that way!!! Peace out .

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Smoking hot.

I have been so busy this month and haven’t been able to write anything, but an article I just read on the BBC and some Nigerian newspapers has so infuriated me that I have to unburden my mind of the anger I feel lest I explode in a ball of hot smoking flames.

So what is it that has me fuming and cursing the entity called the Nigerian Police that has not only brought so much shame to the country but also exhibited the highest level of ineptitude, corruption and mismanagement in all the ailing public enterprises in Nigeria (My opinion). Recently, the new police boss in Lagos state directed his men to arrest all women (and men!!) dressed indecently or clad in skimpy outfits. In my opinion, this was a very ambiguous directive and knowing the zeal with which the policemen in Nigeria enforce such “no boundary” laws, I knew it would only be a matter of time before things go awry as usual.

Yesterday, about 90 girls (I wonder why there were no guys, or let’s watch) were arrested for indecent dressing and arraigned before a magistrate court in Lagos, Nigeria. There are several things wrong with this development. First of all, what is the definition of “indecent dressing”? Nigeria is not an Islamic state where women are require to cover themselves in its entirety, so who/how do they measure the level of indecent dressing. With my knowledge of the Nigerian police, I won’t be surprised that they picked up random women from the streets, and those that could bribe them immediately were allowed to go while those that could pay the prerequisite fees were held on to and arraigned before a judge.

Of all the duties to perform by the police, it’s enforcing decent dressing, on the premise that it could lead to “breakdown of peace”, how? I do need someone to let me know how women who are not properly dressed according to the definition of an individual would cause a breach in security or lead to a breakdown of law and order. There is so much crime to combat in Lagos and the police men in Nigeria are busy chasing after indecently dressed women…..Is Nigeria moving forward or backward….I won’t be surprised if these policemen go back to arresting people for wandering like they did several years ago.

The most annoying of the entire drama is that the magistrate that I would have expected to throw away such a ridiculous charge and reprimand the police for wasting tax payers moneys, granted these young girls bail with the sum of N20, 000 and a surety with a like sum, and according to the newspapers, most of these girls couldn’t afford it and are being sent to prison to reappear on the 24th of August!!! Almost a month in prison…for what…indecent dressing…what is the definition of indecent….is the country becoming an Islamic state or what….I hope this is not a prelude to what is about to come, I really hope not….probably, you’d understand why I’m really very upset….and this is happening in Lagos, the supposed nerve center of Nigeria and prominent city in Africa. I think it’s a big shame on the country, the Lagos state government, its police commissioner and his men.

Granted some these women may be prostitutes which is illegal in Nigeria since the police alleged that some of them were arrested at brothels, joints, etc, but I’m very sure that quite a lot of them are also innocent, and the overzealous Nigerian police were up to their usual tricks in arresting them. The newspapers reported that although some of the women were dressed provocatively, others were properly dressed. How did they all end up charged to court with indecent dressing, which according to the police could lead to a breach in security (alright, I would understand if they prevented the policemen in focusing their attention on fighting crime). Why did the magistrate judge not quash the entire case/drama/comedy and throw out the case into the sewers where it belongs, never to be brought up again?

Ummh…alright I’m done…I’m relieved... Let me go think, perhaps I’d understand this jig-saw.