Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Its spring again..

Hi Folks...its spring again, and everyone is so excited..and I am too. Well, depending on what part of the world you're reading this post from, you would or would not understand the excitement for spring. Let me begin from the Genesis...when I "landed" in the USA as a JJC (new comer), I was fortunate to arrive in the summer, and the first thing I saw was girls in very very very ...yes, its that intense..shorts and skirts...i shouted chineke (God), wetin be dis (What is this) ? You can imagine my surprise when after living in Lagos and going to college in Nigeria, I thought I'd seen it all...but, how wrong I was. This was a completely different experience, but then I thought, well it would be exciting. Honestly, i can't describe my shocker to see these girls in extremely skimpy shorts and even shorter tops..it was ridiculous, these clothes could barely cover anything...lol...I remember an incident that occurred when I was in college in UNIBEN in Nigeria,...my very close friend,J , had gone to school in a modest (atleast it is by my present standards) tank top. The professor politely called her out side and asked her "When you went to buy the material for this cloth, was the material exhausted that you couldn't get enough, or was the tailor trying to manage the material"...hahahah...it was so hilarious, and to think that he even said the top must have been sewn by a tailor....i guess he couldn't fathom why a girl would be dressed that way....well, all I can say is that he needs to visit me here. Each morning, before I go to school, I have to offer special prayers not to fall into sins through what I see...its ridiculous, and with spring its back again.

Everyone is so excited that finally we can see the sun again and experience some warmth, which where I come from is an everyday affair, and they have started again ! All the short and skimpy skirts and tops are back...I hope I can survive it again. Wonder shall never end....it is in this same America that I have seen women drinking and getting drunk or wasted like they call it...yes ,they really get wasted...I once found a drunk girl of abou 20 lying postrate at my door step, and when I got back home and opening my door, she got up and was prompting me to open the door fast so she could go in. I was really perplexed initially, but men, as a sharp Niger guy, I had to think..what if this girl comes in and things get out of hand..she might accuse me of something I didn't know..and before you would say Jack Robinson, I would be at the airport in Nigeria...I said..no...Devil, go to my back...and of course, your sincerely prevented an accident and sent her out of the apartment block. Anyway, lets see how the days go, since with spring again, the season is back again....and its that time of the year that a lot of guys wish for....and this weekend is house party. For those of you that dont know what it is, here in my school , its a weekend when everyone ( well, most) get drunk, have random sex and do anything that they've imagined doing..well, this weekend i would be "investigating",....yes, i need to, but of course I'm not planning to do anything..but you can be sure I would report back with my results. Peace out!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house...and he did !

The topic of this post is meant to describe the current indictment of our "great" president of Nigeria,Olusegun Obasanjo, who is not so great afterall after his indictment by the senate. In the past couple of months, the executive arm of government in Nigeria has been in turmoil due to the persistent war between the president's camp and vice-presidents camp, with both sides exchanging words and salvos, accusing each other of corruption. Then last week, the unbelieveable happened, the president himself- Baba Iyabo- along with his vice was indicted by a senate panel and referred to the independent corrupt pratices commission...and all hell was let loose. The president's camp accused the senate of bias..even Ribadu, the head of a partial anti corruption commission, went ahead to accuse the senate of trying to destroy the nation. What ! Just because Fasawe, a common friend of both the president and his vice, finally confirmed what all Nigerians have previously suspected, that the president was also involved in the whole corruption scandal involving his vice. And the best part of it, is that our dear president has not yet come out to deny the allegations..inspite of how serious this accusation is...it doesn't take a genius to know that he's carefully planning his strategy as a former military commando, although his media aides have also come out to berate the senate and its panel. My prediction, is at the end of the day the president would come out and say something different different, threaten, coerce, bribe and blackmail and ...story don end be dat!!......and the best part of this entire story is that the vice president's camp has applauded the outcome from the senate and saying that "finally, we have justice". What justice?....that the president was also indicted, No mention was made of the vice president's indictment as well because it has been an open secret that the vice president has always been guilty of misappropriating government's fund, but he wasn't alone...he had a partner, and now it seems the other culprit has been caught. I've been laughing so much about seeing the president and his vice in the same jail, and exchanging blows...who will be the victor..an ex- soldier and an ex-custom officer...although I'm sure our "great" president would never return to jail again, not after his one touching experience where he barely escaped with his life.

But the most intriguing and disturbing aspect of this entire scenario, was the recess embarked upon till after the elections. Why would the senate go on recess when such serious and impeachable offences have been committed by the president and his vice. I do hope that when they return, after thier undeserved holidays, we would get to feel the effect of democracy.

On a different note, another political party has gone to court to stop the April elections...the same thing that happened in 1993, before the military junta annulled the freeest and fairest election in Nigeria citing the court ruling as an excuse.....and this time around the courts have been warned by eminent Nigerian to be "responsible" in their rulings. I hope they heed this warning, because a repeat of 1993 cannot be condoned again.

On a lighter note, yesterday was the first time for me to play soccer out doors, and although the field was still wet since it just stopped snowing a couple of weeks ago, it was a lot of fun. Trying to get ready for our yearly soccer tournament has not been easy, and with our new striker (yours sincerely), my team mates all hope we can win it this time. Its very funny to think that when I was in Nigeria,no one thought I could be a great footballer (I have to stop using this soccer s**t), but here I am, worshipped like a god...its unbelievable, atleast to me. Today's weather looks very warm as well, and I hope it stays that way. I have a meeting with my graduate advisor, wait..have I told you about him,I will do that in my next post and I'm sure there would be fireworks again at this meeting. I'm out folks.